Here at Super Pits we strive to produce the ultimate American Pit Bull. In order to do so we only look for certain qualities in our dogs before bringing them into our breeding program. All our blue pit bull are very correct. They're super athletic and extremely vascular with tight coats, crazy muscle, bone, and big heads. We achieve this without sacrificing their conformation and movement. We produce blue nose, red nose, blue fawn, blacks, brindles, and even tri-color pit bulls.


 In our  breeding program we strongly feel that temperament is just as important as the looks of our dogs. A Super Pit is very intelligent with extreme drive and a well balanced mind, which in return makes training and working with our pit bulls fun and enjoyable. Our dogs are the best whether you want a Super Pit to be part of a family or use them as a foundation in your kennel. Call Josh 602-882-7699 

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